A Law Firm Dedicated to Community Outreach

Brion Ross Law Group is a community-oriented law firm. Despite recovering money for all of our clients, giving back remains our top priority. We provide programs and services that aim to improve our society.


Honing Students’ Life Skills

We focus on assisting students in learning the necessary life skills to further their education, get a job, or join the military after graduation. Partnering with Russell Education Foundation, we help in educating more than 300 students every day in after-school learning activities.

Giving Back to Military Veterans

In times of trouble, we deliver pro bono legal services to military veterans. We ensure that they will receive the aid that they deserve after their noble sacrifices for our country. In addition, we focus on homelessness assistance.

Serving Our Church Community

Our firm is also committed to serving in our church community. We teach Sunday School to students aged 1st to 5th grade.

Get in Touch

At Brion Ross Law Group, we are open to those who want to support our cause. Send us a message to learn more about how you can help.

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