Protect Your Rights With Our Criminal Defense Lawyers

A criminal case can be so hard to face. You will need to speak to two or three attorneys and still struggle for answers. At Brion Ross Law Group, we began as a criminal defense firm after years of experience as a public defender. We focused on the rights of our clients and treated them as they should be treated—not guilty. Our firm excels in cases that involve driving under the influence, domestic violence, and drug possession.


Our Commitment

At Brion Ross Law Group, we are dedicated to making sure that you have immediate representation in court. We let the police and state attorneys know that you are covered for your legal needs.

Why Trust Us

We give you an honest answer to tough questions related to going to jail, paying penalty charges, court costs, and many more concerns. Our reputable legal counsel reviews all of the evidence with you and answers your inquiries based on the law and our experiences with our past cases.

Criminal Offenses We Handle

  • Battery
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Criminal Possession
  • Drug-Related Crimes
  • Criminal Theft

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